I’ve been saying it for a few years now, but it’s gotten so “time doesn’t mean anything anymore” that I completely forgot it was my knitaversary until several days later, which does not mean the craft is any less central to my daily life. It’s still the focus of nearly all my spare attention and a reliable source of joy. In looking back over the past year’s knits, I’m a little surprised to see that the overall tally is so much lower than last year (23 compared to 47 the year before). I’m still not doing this for the numbers, though, so it’s not aRead More →

Time hardly means anything anymore, it seems, but one anniversary that feels more tangible than even my birthday these days is when I first started knitting. It’s impossible to overstate how much my knitting practice means to my mental health, which is perhaps one reason it occupies so much of my brainspace and time. I’ve never been a “country counter” when I travel, and I’m not especially fond of tallies that seem purposefully designed to rank people in competition with one another. This annual tally, however, isn’t a comparison at all, it’s just a look in the rearview mirror on my own makes before IRead More →

I’ve never been fond of resolutions, but I do seem to love these sorts of review posts. (I ignore my personal blog 364 days a year, essentially posting only on my birthday every year.) And now that we’re all of the WHAT IS TIME ANYWAY mindset, in which it’s hard to remember if something happened last week or a decade ago, looking back over a year’s worth of knitting projects seems even more grounding somehow. It’s tangible, this craft, unlike my writing work. And tangible feels stable, if only for a moment. Here’s a recap of my 5th year as a knitter: Hours spent knittingRead More →

In preparing for this year’s installment of my “by the numbers” series, I glanced at last year’s post and read the phrase, “2019 was, in many ways, a garbage fire year” which, as you can well imagine, sounds utterly ridiculous in retrospect. It’s hard to think of strong enough adjectives to describe how terrible 2020 was, and, of course, the awfulness that made the year so epically bad is far from over—COVID-19 still claims an absurdly high number of lives every day. We have a few vaccines approved now, yes, and the roll-out has been the furthest thing from smooth. And then there was theRead More →

So, apparently I’m going to make this a thing. Which makes me think I need a better system for naming these posts, or the titles will eventually get long. I’ll ruminate on that. In the meantime, let’s review a few knitting firsts from the past year. 2019 was, in many ways, a garbage fire year, both personally and globally… Knitting was a consistent bright spot, so I’m thankful for that. Hours spent knitting per day: I think this is probably, on average, the same as last year—4-5 hours per day. Bins of yarn under my desk: 5 (same as last year!); each with cedar inRead More →

Today marks the second anniversary of that first day I picked up knitting needles and, with my friend Amanda’s help, started down this path that has all but taken over my life. (In a good way.) During my first year of knitting, I completed a whopping 87 projects, the vast majority of them being pussyhats. I accumulated an absurd amount of yarn, mostly from Goodwill, and mostly (it turns out) acrylic and not very good. I learned a great deal by trial and error – not knowing what I “shouldn’t” know was enormously helpful in not holding me back from trying new things – andRead More →

I met my friend Amanda at (now-defunct) Happy Knits in Portland one year ago today so she could teach me to knit. I had casually mentioned on Facebook that I was sorta kinda thinking I wish I knew how so that I could make my own pussyhat for the upcoming march. “Meet me at 11am tomorrow,” Amanda had replied. And, never one to ignore instructions, I went. I honestly thought I’d make a pussyhat, maybe a few others for friends if I had time, and then be done with it. Are you chuckling now? Because I am. Oh, the folly. One year later, I’m lookingRead More →