Folks, I’ve got an unsettlingly large car maintenance bill and still not enough work to have set anything aside for expenses like this. Copywriting isn’t exactly the most raffle-able skill, but knitting? That’ll do.

So, here’s what I’m doing.

I’ve got roughly 1,930 yards of this earthy, tweedy gray yarn, a lovely wool/cashmere blend that is, yes, extremely soft. It’s a recycled yarn, meaning a store-bought sweater was taken apart to reclaim it, so I can’t get any more of it. And while 1,930 yards is a good amount of yarn, it’s not going to make a sweater for every body type or size. I need y’all to be aware of that before you jump into buying raffle tickets, y’know?

Also, since I’m trying to raise money here and not spend it, I’m going to limit the patterns to ones I already own (which is a lot) or that I can find for free (which is a staggering number).

Within those parameters, I’ll work with whoever wins to make a sweater you’ll love, whether you want a sweater for you or you’re generously going to gift it to someone else. (Seriously, they’re very lucky to know you.)

If you want a peek at some of the stuff I’ve knit, there are project photos on Instagram in among some of the non-yarny photos. And, if you’re signed into Ravelry, you can see all of my project pages here (Ravelry link).

Very Important Details You Should Definitely Read

  • I’ve got roughly 1,930 yards of yarn (pictured above) in roughly a DK weight blend of 85% wool, 15% cashmere.
    • If you’re not sure whether that would make a you-sized sweater, or what types of patterns might work for you with that yardage, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.
    • For reference, using similar weight yarns, I’ve made various sweaters that fit me (41″ bust) using about 890 yards, 1,015 yards, and 1,160 yards—it all depends on the pattern and how you want it to fit.
    • If you win, you’ll need to be able to provide me with some measurements (I promise I’ll make it easy to do).
  • Each raffle ticket is $10, and you can get as many raffle tickets as you want.
  • I can accept payments via PayPal (JessicaTravels; please use the “Friends & Family” option to avoid transaction fees on my end) or Venmo (JessicaSpiegel).
  • Fill out the Google Form via the link below or the embedded form at the bottom of this page. Your entry info will be auto-magically imported into a spreadsheet, gathered in order of when you buy raffle tickets.
  • The row numbers on the spreadsheet will be your raffle numbers, so if you buy multiple tickets your name will repeat in the same number of rows. (Get 10 tickets, get 10 rows and therefore 10 raffle numbers). If that doesn’t make sense, lemme know!
  • If your preferred contact email is not the same as your payment method email, please leave both in the Google Form so I can confirm your entries!
  • If I can’t hand-deliver the sweater and it needs to be shipped, you agree to pay shipping costs.
  • Entries must be submitted, including payment, by Wednesday, February 23rd at midnight Pacific Time.
  • I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner on Thursday, February 24th.
  • Depending on how many entries come in, I may also add things like handknit socks, hats, cowls, etc. (yarn and pattern of my choosing) for runners up.

How to Enter the Sweater Raffle

  1. Fill out this form indicating how many $10 raffle tickets you want.
  2. Send payment in that amount via one of the apps listed above.

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