Thanks for taking a peek at my growing list of local(ish) indie yarn dyers and fiber-related makers! I started this to keep track of dyers on the Pacific, all up and down the west coast, for a specific project. It turns out it’s potentially useful for others looking to support local makers and designers for other reasons.

Maybe you’re shopping for your FibreShare partner, or you’re visiting the spectacular Pacific Northwest and want to come home with something special from a local dyer, bag maker, or what-have-you.

Whatever your reasoning, I hope this list is handy.

The embed above is Google doc – linked below – that can be updated, if you notice that your favorite local maker is missing. I also just added a page for designers, too. Please read the “How to Use This Sheet” information before you add anything. Thanks!

PNW/BC/West Coast Yarn Dyers & Fiber Makers