So, apparently I’m going to make this a thing. Which makes me think I need a better system for naming these posts, or the titles will eventually get long. I’ll ruminate on that. In the meantime, let’s review a few knitting firsts from the past year. I wrote up a pattern and sent it to test knitters. I knit a sample for a local yarn dyer. I finally figured out a colorwork hat design I had been futzing with. I made socks from knitting-machine-cranked tubes. I did mosaic colorwork. I felted a project (on purpose!). I learned how to cable without a cable needle. And,Read More →

Today marks the second anniversary of that first day I picked up knitting needles and, with my friend Amanda’s help, started down this path that has all but taken over my life. (In a good way.) During my first year of knitting, I completed a whopping 87 projects, the vast majority of them being pussyhats. I accumulated an absurd amount of yarn, mostly from Goodwill, and mostly (it turns out) acrylic and not very good. I learned a great deal by trial and error – not knowing what I “shouldn’t” know was enormously helpful in not holding me back from trying new things – andRead More →

I met my friend Amanda at (now-defunct) Happy Knits in Portland one year ago today so she could teach me to knit. I had casually mentioned on Facebook that I was sorta kinda thinking I wish I knew how so that I could make my own pussyhat for the upcoming march. “Meet me at 11am tomorrow,” Amanda had replied. And, never one to ignore instructions, I went. I honestly thought I’d make a pussyhat, maybe a few others for friends if I had time, and then be done with it. Are you chuckling now? Because I am. Oh, the folly. One year later, I’m lookingRead More →