I met my friend Amanda at (now-defunct) Happy Knits in Portland one year ago today so she could teach me to knit. I had casually mentioned on Facebook that I was sorta kinda thinking I wish I knew how so that I could make my own pussyhat for the upcoming march.

“Meet me at 11am tomorrow,” Amanda had replied. And, never one to ignore instructions, I went.

I honestly thought I’d make a pussyhat, maybe a few others for friends if I had time, and then be done with it.

Are you chuckling now? Because I am. Oh, the folly.

One year later, I’m looking back at what I’ve accomplished and I’m both proud and kind of amazed. Sure, I’m obsessive to the point of making knitting a nearly full-time job most of the time, but still. A lot of yards went into these projects, not to mention a lot of hours, and I’m more interested in the process every day. I’ve got a (probably aggressive) list of things I’d like to make in 2018, but I’m not too worried about holding myself to it. I’ll start projects that I’m drawn to when I’m drawn to them – it’s one of the beauties of knitting, that even the hard work is utter joy (and if it’s not, I stop work on that project).

So, here’s my look back at my inaugural year of knitting, by the numbers.*

Hours spent knitting per day: probably 6-7 on average

Big bags of yarn under my desk: 17 (mostly organized by color, mostly mystery yarn from Goodwill)

Things I’ve started and ripped out soon after because I’m too lazy to bother with things like swatches or so much math: I’ve lost count

Projects completed: 87 

  • Pussyhats: 25
  • Hats: 12
  • Sweaters: 5 (2 me-sized, 1 baby-sized, 2 ornament-sized)
  • Cowls: 6
  • Socks/Slippers: 3 pairs
  • Scarves: 2
  • Shawlettes: 2
  • Mittens: 3 pairs
  • Blankets: 2
  • Baby/Kid Hats: 7
  • Baby Booties: 1 pair
  • Washcloths: 14
  • Headbands: 5

* This, obviously, doesn’t include the wonderfully creative fiber community I’ve met over the past 12 months, which continues to be one of the delights of this whole thing. Community, man. We all need it.


  1. This is your FIRST YEAR of knitting? I just looked through your Instagram feed. You are a FEARLESS intrepid knitter! Congratulations on year 1; you’ll do great things in year 2!

    1. Author

      Yep. I attribute what looks like fearlessness to not knowing WTF I’m doing, so I don’t know what I “should” be afraid of. 🙂 It seems to be working for me so far…

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