present cowl knitted by jessica spiegelMy name is Jessica.

I’m an insomniac. And, as of 2017, I’m also a knitter.

It was the Pussyhat Project that got me started (and I’m still making pussyhats, if your protesting wardrobe is incomplete), and I quickly got so excited about the whole process (I am making fabric! Out of string!) that I accumulated an absurdly large yarn stash. My mother does not knit, but luckily for me, she had held onto all of her mother’s knitting accoutrements – including a set of Boye interchangeable circular needles, dozens of straight needles, and even a wooden yarn swift stamped, “Made in Sweden.”

Obviously, I was meant to be a knitter at some point in my life.

I’ve been joking lately that I finally have a Zombie Apocalypse skill. But more than that, I’ve got an addictive hobby that helps keep me company on road trips and flights, not to mention all those nights when I can’t sleep.

In my real life, I’m a freelance writer (I specialize in travel and Italy in particular) and I live in Portland, Oregon with a handsome guitar-playing builder, an artistic teen athlete, and two ridiculous cats.